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You may have opened several tabs in chrome and what if accidentally cross button got pressed and then all tabs got closed. There were a couple of times when I got so annoyed with the automatic closing the Chrome web browser when I accidentally clicked on the X button.

Actually it is quite unusual to accidentally click on the X button when it is located at the most top right of the window but it happened to me when I was trying to close a program that is on top of Chrome. The program did not get terminated after pressing Alt+F4 or clicking on the X button so I ended up doing it a few more times and when it did happen, it ended up closing the program that is just behind of the program that I was trying to close.

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera natively supports the feature to warn the user when trying to close the browser with multiple tabs opened but oddly Chrome doesn’t come with this feature.

Although we can configure Chrome to “Reopen the pages that were opened last” or click on the “Recently Closed” link located at the bottom right of a new tab, it is still troublesome because some webpages cannot be restored and requires to relogin. A simple warning prompt would be much more efficient instead.

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As for Chrome, fortunately you can have this feature by installing Chrome Toolbox extension created by Google! After installing this extension, closing Chrome with multiple tabs open will give you a second chance to cancel the action with a warning popup asking “Do you want to close all tabs?”

You can download that extention here : Download Chrome Toolbox

do you want to close all tabs

If you’ve accidentally checked Do not warn when closing multiple tabs, you can easily re-enable it back by clicking on the Chrome Toolbox icon, go to Options and check “Confirm before closing multiple tabs” from the General tab. Other than this, Chrome Toolbox also comes offers other useful features such as a floating toolbar when the mouse pointer hovers over an image or video, saving form data, quick launch, review shortcut and menu, and etc.


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