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The most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu has recently released its new version on 25 April 2013. Ubuntu 13.04, codename ‘Raring Ringtail’, is now available to download.

Unlike the last few releases Ubuntu 13.04 features few dramatic changes, but brings some much needed polish and performance-enhancement. It is arguably one of the strongest releases of Ubuntu in a long time.

Ubuntu Listen Me First

Here is a list of some major changes new to Ubuntu 13.04.

1. Enhanced Performance

This release of Ubuntu provides a significant improvement in the overall performance. In 13.04 there is no noticeable performance glitches, no slowdowns.

2. New Unity Previews

Introduced in last release Ubuntu 12.10, Unity Previews,  are a very useful way to see more information about a search result without opening it fully. By clicking on the Ubuntu logo search for anything and right click on the search result to get a quick preview.

New Unity Preview Animations

3. Online Accounts

The centralized ‘Online Accounts’ dashboard provides you to connect to your social networks, email and photo sharing accounts in one place. 13.04 improves this utility by adding ‘per-app’ toggles for each network.

Online Accounts

4. New Lenses

In 13.04, two new Lenses have been added. If you have social accounts set up in Online Accounts, or images imported into Shotwell, then a new lens will appear in your Unity Dash: a Photo Lens! Similarly, the Social Lens consolidates all your social media communication in one place.

Ubuntu 13.04 Photos Lens

5. New Ubuntu One Sync Menu

Now only with a single click you can see whether you’re online; share a file; or check the status of recently uploaded files.

new Ubuntu One Sync Menu

6. Workspace Launcher Item

Workspace Launcher Item is no longer shown on the Unity launcher by default. You now need to manually add by going to System Settings > Appearance > Behaviour and clicking on the Enable workspaces option.

Enable Workspace

7. Window Switching Methods

Alongside traditional methods, like Alt+Tab, here comes two new ways to switch between open windows:

  • Application Quicklists now list open windows
  • Scroll over an application icon on the launcher to cycle through its open windows

8. Improved Bluetooth Menu

New toggle for turning on/off Bluetooth and visibility has been added in this new release.

Ubuntu 13.04 Bluetooth Menu

9. New Shut Down Dialog

The Shut Down dialog has been visually revamped with stunning icons.

New Shutdown Dialogs


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