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Change Windows 7 password without knowing the current password

If you ever forget your password in Windows 7, then don’t be panic. By this simple process you can easily change your Windows 7 password without knowing current password.There are various methods to bypass Windows 7 password protection.In case you forgot windows password, you can reset it using windows 7 Dvd, Password reset drive or Offline NT Password and Registry Editor.

However if you have access to any windows account then you can change the password without knowing current password.Here on ListenmeFirst.com I’m going to tell how to change Windows 7 password by two ways choose according to your need.

Change Window 7 Password :

Method 1 :-

  • Go to Control Panel and click on the Administrative Tools.
  • Under this section double click on Computer Management.
  •  Select  System Tools from right window pane.

Change Windows 7 password

  • Under this, just double click on Local Users and Groups and then on Users
  • Now you will see all the login accounts of your computer. Right click on any the account whose password you want to change and then click on Set Password.
  • A warning message will popup on your screen just click on Proceed button.
  • Now enter your New Password  and click on OK button.

Change password without knowing the current password

Done! Your windows 7 password is changed . The only limitation of this method is that your current  account should  have Administrative privileges.

Method 2 :-

If you are user friendly with the Command Prompt (CMD) or manage to work on it then this method is for you.

  • Open command prompt by typing with administrative privileges .( Type CMD in start, right click on it and select Run as Administrative )

Change Windows 7 password

  • In the CMD window  type the following command and  hit Enter.
    net user “Account Name” “Your New Password”……..(Without quotes)

Change password

Note : Here Account Name is Case Sensitive.

  • Now if you have done right, you will see “The command completed successfully” on your screen, now type exit command and hit Enter.
Now you can login to your account with the new password..Give your feedbacks and queries we liked to help you..



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